Annual Reports

2022 Annual Report

What an extraordinary year 2022 was for the Siletz Tribal Arts and Heritage Society. We reached many of our goals during 2022. With the help of our Capital Campaign Director, Stephen Reichard, we were able to reach our $2.5 million capital campaign obligation, as well as, $500,000 for the interior of the building. Needless to say, very exciting times. Please review our Annual Report for 2022.

This year saw us in a more open public forum with fewer COVID-19 restrictions and illnesses. With greater freedom we gained new friends through our efforts. As we met with the people from various foundations and organizations, we developed a greater understanding of philanthropy and its effects on the people who receive and those that give. It has been an exercise in both humility and an uplifting of the spirit.

We have people to thank and the list is long. We wish to express our gratitude to those that helped us reach our goals in fundraising and growth as a Society, for surely without you it would have been impossible. Our commitment remains solid.

We will continue to work toward the greater good and needs of the Siletz Tribal Arts and Heritage Society and the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians. Volunteers are always welcomed, and you are sincerely appreciated.

Governor Kate Brown visited with the Siletz Tribal Council in November 2022. STAHS Tribal Council Representative Angela Ramirez gifted the Governor with the Ghii Dee-Ne Dvn case plan book that fully explains the creation of STAHS, the mission, the risk to our culture, the need for a museum and cultural center for the Siletz Tribe, the design plans and all that a Place for the People will be to our Tribe and community. The State of Oregon Legislature approved Lottery funds in the amount of $750,000 towards the construction of Ghii Dee-Ne Dvn.