Collections & Acquisitions

2015 Cultural Acquisitions

In 2015, STAHS continued to make acquisitions as recommended by the Culture Department:

  • Two (2) baskets purchased from Jim and Barbara Johnson
  • Four (4) baskets purchased from Pewter Rabbit store in Eugene
  • One (I) basket from the Quintanna collection bought and donated by Dave Hatch
  • Two (2) baskets purchased from the Karen Purdom collection.
  • 15 baskets made by Ida Bensell purchased from the Arlene McKay collection
Baskets made by Ida Bensell purchased from Arlene McKay collection
  • 14 items purchased from the Snyder family
  • Archival photo collection of over one hundred items was purchased from a private dealer through Arthur Erickson
  • Digital high color copies of the seven original Siletz treaties were purchased from the National Archives
  • Software to provide controlled access to the extensive digital archives stored in the repository. The software allows access to be restricted according to the constraints prescribed by the material donors, for example photo archives could be restricted to family member access only.

These purchases were supported in part by a $4,000 grant from the Siletz Tribal Charitable
Contribution Fund (STCCF Grant #15-4067)

2015 Annual Report